It's over.

It's over.

That's it. We're done. For good.

Don't get too bummed or excited we're just talking about being done with the “Option Paralysis” cycle.

Come the fuck on...did you think we would actually stop THIS peacefully? Let's be serious, you're probably not getting any relief from us until we're dead.

The point is that what began in 2009(holy shit) is completed. We started writing for “Option...” in early 2009, recorded it in late 2009, and then started touring in December 2009 to officially begin the album cycle. Well...we didn't really expect to keep going until May of 2012....but if you've been around for a while and you aren't new to our habits then you know that once we start touring we kinda have a problem stopping. We're tour junkies. The adrenaline overload you get from a nightly DEP show makes coming off tour a little like what would happen if you were to try to get off of a six week long indoor strobe-lit roller hell...if hell was insanely fun and as addictive as a chocolate coated crack pipe. So whenever we attempt to stop...we find that we just can't sit still or stay outta we go back out. Then things come up that are too killer not to do, like the tour with our friends in the Deftones and then with Mastodon...and then again with Mastodon...that we can't say no to...and it just keeps going. I'm serious when I say that we've “stopped” this album cycle in our minds like four times in the past year and a half...but then we just can't stay home. But now we're saying that's it. We're done. Publicly. So you can hold it to us that we're gonna hole up and get weird and go deep into the darkest realms of our collective psyche until the next album is done. We may play a show here and there, just to break the monotony and inject some fresh air into our lungs, but that doesn't count! So...the Option Paralysis cycle, including writing and recording, went from March 2009 to May of 2012....with the touring officially going from December 2009 to May of 2012. Fuck...that's the longest stretch of relentless shows we've done since the stretch right after Irony Is A Dead scene that went up and then pretty much morphed into the Miss Machine cycle. Our fire keeps growing and we just can't put it out...or maybe it's an itch. You got a cream for that? Whatever it is, I don't know what the fuck is wrong with us, but when you're this far down into the journey to the center of Nutsville I guess you just keep going 'til you get to the core. So...with that being said...we're gonna tend to the business of writing what will end up being the next release. There's still some places we need to go with this whole Dillinger thing, some avenues and dark paths still unexplored/undiscovered and some doors left unopened that we still feel the need to bust down, some hearing left to be destroyed, some sanity left to lose, some demons left to expel...or possibly make friends get the drill.

We've been through a ton as people and as a band in the last three years since we started writing “Option”, and played...oh I dunno.....a half thousand shows? So if the end of "43%" goes on for ONE minute, and we've played that 500 times in the last two and a half years...then we played that part for eight and a half fucking HOURS. SHIT YEAH TAKE THAT SHIT BITCHES. IN YOUR FACE. “DESTROYERRRRR”....again....five hundred times.....and we're STILL not tired of it so don't make us go back on tour....we'll fucking do it! Damn it.... no! That's it, that is it, that is IT! For real we're done. SERIOUSLY!! But yeah back to the point. We wanna thank all of you....longtimers, new peeps, first showgoers, fiftieth're all friends or extended family or cousins fourteen times removed...somethin' like that....and we're grateful for having seen, met, screamed with, and sweat with so many of you. Also for all the inner circle friends and family still out there or recently sucked into our weird lives...what are you doing?! Get away from this black hole now while you can! No...for real though...thanks...we're beyond grateful....we'd love you if we could....but we're terminators and terminators are incapable of emotion. Unless the name of that emotion is “being an ice cold killing machine”.

We're still gonna get the rest of the Option Paralysis